Accident Repairs

Accident Repairs

Had an accident that is not your fault? Let one of our Rushmores accident management specialists take out all the stress of this potentially difficult situation. After a straightforward verification of the circumstances surrounding the accident, and confirmation of the third party’s insurance details, our accident management specialists will approve the claim, supply you with a car and deal with all the repairs to your vehicle. No running around finding estimates, no silly courtesy cars that don't meet your requirements - we will supply a car to you of at least the same size and quality of your exisitng car. Quite often you will find yourself in a better vehicle than the one you actually own. We will make the whole process as easy and convenient as it can possibly be for you, our customer.

Even when the accident was your fault, we can help keep your stress levels to a minimum after what can be a traumatic experience. Once your insurance company has been notified about the accident, we can fax or email the estimate direct to them, agree figures with their appointed engineers, and once the repairs have been approved in writing, simply book your vehicle in for the repairs to be carried out.

In our fully equipped accident repair workshop we have the tools and skills to get your vehicle back in pre-accident condition with the minimum of inconvenience to you the customer.

Most insurance quotes need to be carried out with the vehicle present, but we can give an idea of cost via email or telephone.

Type of work carried out:

  • Non fault accidents
  • Insurance repairs
  • Non insurance work (the painful kind where the customer has to pay the bill)
  • Re-sprays

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